Custom Service

We would like you to ask for a custom order. We want you to ask for a custom order. It is perhaps the best way to ensure our guitar fits your exact needs.

At Longsheng, we are dedicated to understanding your needs and building quality guitars to your exact specifications, such as of material, structure, model no., and order quantity. Note that the minimum order quantity is 60 sets for a certain model of a specified color.

Based on your requirements, we'll first make a sample and sent it to you for approval. Only when you confirmed on the sample would we kick off batch production.

Because we know that even with great guitar making skills it is almost impossible to make a high quality guitar with mediocre material, wood to be used in guitar construction has been carefully selected and closely tested before being put into use. Metal hardware employed for guitar construction is RoHS certified. Paints are tested for environmental performance. Electric guitars are CE approved while guitar fingerboards are certified under CARB standards. Guitar production is carried out in strict accordance with related standards to ensure quality. We can produce guitars imprinted with your own labels. We take on outsourced projects as well.

Our Experience with Custom Service
From day one, we have been selling custom guitars to international customers in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, the UK, Slovakia, Japan, Mexico, and Malaysia among other Southeast Asian countries. Roughly speaking, we export over 500,000 guitars a year.

Known for stable quality and on-time delivery, Longsheng gains high praise from customers seeking long-term beneficial partnerships. We work with a number of world-renowned guitar companies in the world, including the Fender, Peavey, Washburn, OscarSchmidt, Alfred, Kona, Hohner, ARAI, Suzuki, EKO, Hofner, Artesano, Manuel Rodriguez, Tagima, and Tanglewood, etc.

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