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Longsheng, initially founded in 2003, is at all times concentrating on the research, development and manufacture of quality stringed instruments. Our 12 years experience has labeled Longsound a reliable name in the guitar industry. Over the course of product development and innovation, we have been working with famous guitar markers and players around the world, in an effort to produce first-class wood guitars that are visually appealing, good-sounding, and feel great to the touch.

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The company is built on a 20000-square-meter site, owns and operates out of 4 separate guitar production lines, each dedicated to the production of entry-level, mid-range, high-end, and electric guitars. More than 60% of equipment used on these process lines is imported from oversea countries. Along with standardized production and complete quality tracking systems, we can ensure reliable quality in each guitar we sell. To suit custom needs, we've specially built a hands-on workshop, where guitar experts are committed to hand-making your guitar from scratch.

Our workforce, about 500 strong, is made up of guitar engineers and technicians who have earned junior titles or higher and have practical experience in their respective fields. With a monthly production rate of 55000 guitars, and UL and SMETA certificates, customers can rest assured that Longsheng delivers the best quality for the money as customers from the US, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Russia choose us over other Chinese competitors for a long-term partnership.

As well as the Longsound brand, we also sell our guitars, violins and ukuleles under the name of HOMAGE and RAMIS which are now identified as Well-known Guangdong Brands. The winning of many utility model patents is also a testament to our technical strength. We welcome clients around the world to visit us in person.

With Longsheng guitar, we rock the world.

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