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Electric Guitar

While an acoustic guitar sounds natural and mellow, the electric guitar produces somewhat growling and howling sounds. Everything from build to tone quality differs widely between the two guitar types. This bowed string instrument, like most electric instruments, must be used in conjunction with an amplifier for excellent sounding quality.

The electric guitar plays a big part in modern rock and roll musical bands, and is usually available in three types: the fixed bridge, Vintage, and the Floyd Rose. Longsheng, as a professional guitar builder, produces around 7000 electric guitars every month. Standard guitars are readily shipped from stock, but we can hand make electric bass guitars as well.

Material Selection, Manufacturing
Guitar luthiers are very strict when it comes to material selection and guitar manufacturing. Each guitar we made is constructed from top grade woods, featuring quality pickups and unique circuit design.

We use the finest wood purchased from across the globe, and put it through a series of finish machining processes so that the resulting guitar set-up gives better resonance, sustain, and more ample sound.

Top of the range guitar pick-up makes for more pure tones.

Tremolo Arm, Truss Rod
Both the tremolo arm and truss rod are of well-known brands to ensure each note one plays is in tune.

Design Appeal
An assortment of different guitar designs is available in various colors and profiles.