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Electric Guitar

No two electric guitars are alike, and they vary widely when it comes to build, tremolo arm, pick-up, and tone quality. Here at Longsheng, we offer electric guitars in several series, the ST mini, ST, TL, and the SG series.

The woods used in electric guitars are often referred to as tonewoods, some of which are more frequently used than others, including the maple wood, rosewood, mahogany, padauk, and basswood. Guitars made from different woods taken on different tonal characteristics, though even those constructed from the same tonewoods may still sound very different.

ST Mini Series
This series of electric guitar is typically built in a size as small as 30 inch, available with either an open or closed single-coil pickup.

ST Series
The size for the ST series guitar is normally 39 inch. For brilliant clarity, we use either Strat pickups or hybrid pickups. Available with rosewood fingerboard, the ST guitar offers a total of 13 models.

TL Series
The TL series electric guitar comes with either one Hybrid pickup or two separate closed pickups.

Custom Guitars
We offer to customize your electric guitars as well, and have thus far rolled out 23 custom models to the market.