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Acoustic Guitar

We supply acoustic guitars in different price ranges, each catering to the playing needs of a specific class of guitar buyers. For beginner and young guitarists, the laminate guitar might be the ideal way to go. If you want to make sure your acoustic guitar plays a better sound, opt for a solid top acoustic guitar. For guitar professionals and enthusiasts alike, you might gravitate towards our hand-made solid wood guitar for excellent tone and playability.

Like violin, the acoustic guitar is a kind of 6-string instruments which has been very popular among European and American customers. Acoustic guitars can vary in their size, build and signature sound, as we design an assortment of different guitars to suit the variety of playing needs.

Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
Out of all guitars, the jumbo has the biggest body size. The jumbo size of body gives excellent sympathetic resonance. That being said, the body resonates well with the vibration of the string, able to prolong and strengthen that sound. A slim waistline design allows the jumbo guitar to play some tones previously only found in an auditorium guitar.

Many guitarists extol the virtues of the jumbo style guitar for its warm, deep, loud sounds and the flexibility to play a variety of music styles. Among those, the most famous should be Elvis Presley. He used a jumbo to play some of the most ear-pleasing countryside blues.

D-Size Guitar
The D-size guitar is called a lot of names. Dreadnought and dread are just a couple. Regardless of what it is called, the dread is undoubtedly the most commonly used guitar. Despite the modest waistline in a large size body, the 41-inch D-size guitar delivers equally excellent sympathetic resonance as the jumbo, which makes for a warm, deep, bassy sound. Quite a few guitarists consider it a perfect accompaniment to their vocals.

OM Guitar
The OM guitar comes with a build much similar to that of an auditorium guitar, except some subtle differences in the waistline part. It sounds almost the same as well, making it a favorite for many finger-stylists including the reputable guitarist Tommy.