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Acoustic Guitar, Plywood

Many first-time guitar buyers are often thrown for a loop when stopping into a store looking for acoustic guitars. What is unfolding in front of your eyes is a sea of guitar options, whether it be the laminate, solid top or all solid wood guitar.

Longsheng offers the best advice on choosing the right acoustic guitar to suit your playing needs. Our entry-level guitar products, either below 39inch or above 41inch in size, are classed into different groups according to the type of laminated material used. Ranked among the top for customer preference is the all basswood guitar as well as one with a spruce top, basswood back and sides.

Because the guitar is made of laminates instead of solid woods, it retails at a relatively low price range and can be mass-produced. Standard acoustic guitars are readily available from stock, but we can produce cutaway guitars as well.