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Classical Guitar

We are a leading expert in making classical guitar. Order a six-string classical guitar from us, put your finger on it, and you'll understand why. We offer our nylon-string classical guitar in three classes, graded by quality. As the guitar price goes up, we improve the quality of wood used.

For first-time buyers looking to buy a basic guitar, the lower-priced laminate guitar or plywood guitar will suffice. If you want to make sure the guitar plays a better sound, then you might wanna go with our solid top guitar. For wood-savvy buyers, the solid wood guitar is your best choice, as the back, top and sides of guitar are all made of single pieces of wood.

For different grades of wood, we've developed different production lines to turn them into quality guitars. These equipment sets allow us to produce up to 25,000 classical guitars per month. Regardless of the wood material used in the construction of a guitar, all products adopt nylon string and wide fingerboards to make up the product. The resultant guitar sounds mellow, sweet, and soft, suitable for playing classical music and various other musical styles including jazz and flamenco.

Good to Know
The classical guitar is a bowed string instrument that comes into its own after more than 4 centuries of development. When Beethoven heard the guitar, he dubbed it the miniature orchestra in itself. Known for its unique tone and the variety of playing skills with it, the classical guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, along with piano and violin. The guitar can be played in a musical solo, ensemble, concerto and accompaniment. It is a kind of classical stringed instrument, as are harp and lute.