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Classical Guitar, Plywood

Many parents who want to buy the very first classical guitar for their daughter or son may still wonder if their children can stick with it. If that is the case, this entry-level classical guitar could be the right choice.

Priced much lower than a solid wood, the laminate guitar is graded by the quality of plywood the top, back, and sides of guitar are made of. Laminate is wood that usually consists of a thin layer of more expensive wood placed on top of several layers of cheaper wood. Classical guitars in this price range can have a spruce top with the back and sides made of basswood, or they can be all basswood. A variety of sizes and configurations is available for this plywood guitar as well, such as the 34inch, 36inch, 39inch, cutaway guitar, and more.

If you feel our standard classical guitar don't meet your needs, don't worry. We can customize one based on your requirements. Different styles of music players may prefer different guitar models, which is why we sell those under two brand names Ramis and Homage, each playing a specific sound you prefer.

Good to Know
When we say a basswood top, we actually mean that a guitar top is made of laminate (not solid wood) with a thin piece of basswood on the surface, which is properly called basswood veneer. That being said, if a guitar top is made of solid basswood, most guitar manufacturers would list it as solid basswood not simply basswood. Look for the word solid in guitar specifications if you want to buy a solid wood guitar.